What to expect when I visit Uplands PEAK

DSCF5652What can I expect when I visit Uplands PEAK Sanctuary?

The majority of our visitors have never visited a farmed animal sanctuary, which is quite different than visiting a petting zoo. We love the experience of educating guests and giving them the opportunity to connect with one of our residents like Lucy (pig) or Nemo (goat).  Education is a vital part of PEAK’s mission, however, our resident’s needs come first, and we aren’t willing to negotiate their safety, security, or needs for tours.

As the number and size of our residents grow, as well as the number of visitors that come to PEAK, we have put policies and procedures in place for everyone’s safety and the security of our residents.  Even more, we make adaptations to tours, visiting, and events, as we see fit, to maintain the integrity of the sanctuary, the forever home of our residents.  At PEAK we respect our residents’ need and desire for privacy, rest, space, etc. Our residents do not have a job; they are just living their lives, in the most natural way possible.


What can I do when I visit Uplands PEAK?

We have a small Visitor’s Shack with merchandise, literature, and even books you can browse. We have trails through our woods that you can walk; they take about 20 minutes, one-way.  You can pack a vegan lunch, sit and enjoy some down time, at a picnic table. If you visit on a Visiting Sunday, you can take an educational tour where you will go into barns and pastures, be introduced to our residents, and learn about their journey, as well as facts about animal agriculture. The tours are guided and take around 30 – 45 minutes. Beyond this, you can walk around the outside of the pasture fence and observe our residents enjoying their day or most likely napping.

12642804_1014828338603381_26764615120862703_n-8Will I get to pet the residents during my visit?

We strive to educate our guests about our work. Part of that, is understanding that our residents, like all living beings, are individuals. Some of our residents, will come running when they see a visitor, some thoroughly enjoy a belly rub even if they are relaxing, and others prefer to have space. Therefore, we expect guests to respect their individual personalities and honor their space. So, you will most likely have the opportunity to love on several residents, and there are some that you won’t.


If I come to an “event” will I get to visit the animals anytime?

Educational Tours and opportunities to meet our residents face-to-face are limited at our events.  Further, all visits with our residents are guided and supervised by the founders. The opportunities will be specified per the event and we will do our best to communicate the expectations, amount of tours, etc., through the event pages and our website. Given that our events bring over 100 people to the Sanctuary, and Mark and Michelle (co-founders) run the events as well as provide the tours, it is not possible to have all our guests visit with animals at larger events.

We strive to offer a variety of events and opportunities to experience PEAK and connect with our residents. Beyond these, volunteering is a wonderful way to be of service and spend several hours with our residents, being with them through their day. Then of course, you can always support a resident through monthly sponsorship which rewards you with VIP visits that you can schedule. This gives you plenty of one-on-one time with your special someone.

We hope to see you soon at the Sanctuary!




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