Meet PEAK’s Newest Resident – Lily!!

Meet Lily – our newest resident!! Lily is the first PEAK turkey resident too.

Lily (meaning innocence, purity, and beauty) fell off of a transport truck on Friday, February 1st, heading to slaughter. Luckily, she was found by a kind passerby who contacted PEAK. Lily was hunkered in the snow and wouldn’t have survived very long.

When Lily arrived Friday morning she was extremely stressed and scared. She is missing many feathers and lots of blood feathers in her tail were injured, that’s why her tail is bloody. Her chest was covered in feces. She had a strong pungent order that comes from living in overcrowded, filthy conditions. We looked her over for obvious open wounds but otherwise got her settled-in and gave her space as she had been through so much the last 24 hours on top of her everyday life.

Upon further observation, Lily had a taxing parasite load! Underneath her wings are bruised and scraped from rough handling. Her right foot has an infection. The tip of her beak on the top (either from the fall, or the standard practice of debeaking that happens in animal agriculture) is missing. Lily has been through so much, so we are taking it slow and steady. The first 24 hours she did not eat or drink. We slowly continued to offer her water packed with electrolytes and probiotics which she eventually accepted.  Then she started to eat a little at a time. We’ve quickly discovered through our “encouragement” that she loves shredded carrots and pureed pumpkin!! Lily is still a baby at just about 16weeks or so, that’s the age turkeys are slaughtered for meat.

We are so happy that Lily landed at PEAK. We are excited about her new life and look forward to sharing her milestones with you too.

Thank you for making lifelong sanctuary possible for Lily.

Get to know Lily in her introduction Facebook Live video HERE. (She is in quarantine in our office for the time being…)

See how Lily is improving (talking and obviously happy!) in this recent video HERE!

Support Lily’s individualized care and be a part of her story in Freedom HERE.

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