Charity Pot Grant from Lush

This winter/spring you can find a PEAK image on the lid of Lush’s  Charity Pot lotion. The vegan lotion supports grassroots organizations, like PEAK, with specific project funding like communications and animal habitat.  All the proceeds of the Charity Pot lotion are granted to the organizations in the program. We’ll be featured on their website and are lucky enough to be featured on the lids as well. How amazing will it be to see a farmed animal like Lucy or Nemo on the lid of this lotion around the US?
Thanks to this program, the grant funds will allow us to purchase a much needed large animal transport trailer, for use in emergencies and future rescues. Additionally, we’re working on communication and education projects that will increase the impact of our programs and mission.
Since 2007, Lush has given out over 18 billion dollars to over 1,400 non-violent direct action organizations. Part of Charity Pot’s goal is to address and change issues, creating permanent change.
Uplands PEAK has been recognized not only for our hands-on animal welfare work but also for our environmentally conscious practices. The Sanctuary composts animal waste and bedding, upcycles materials when possible, and uses a solar array among other things.
We do not know a specific date of our debut but we’ll announce it as soon as we do. Also, be sure to keep up with all the projects made possible through this grant via social media and our monthly newsletter.
Lush is also tackling animal welfare in other ways:
Exposing Animal Cruelty
Fighting Fur


*Image from Lush

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