Pip was rescued along with his companion Potter and 40 other piglets from a factory farm in North Carolina. Pip was set to be killed with the other piglets via the gas chamber because they were considered too small to go to a “fattening” farm. This is standard practice on farms. Runts and sick animals are discarded like trash at 2-3 months old versus going being fattened up and killed at 6 months old. The piglets were surrendered, their rescuer, Erika was told they must have them out before morning when their “replacements” would arrive. We are so thankful that Pip and Potter made it out of there and now have the life they deserve! Pip is definitely a small fella. Pip is the “talker” and very busy! Though small he gives Potter a fight. The two of them are so close and love to play, root, and investigate everything.