People, Earth and Animals in Kinship

Uplands Peak Sanctuary Inc

People, Earth and Animals in Kinship

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates abused and neglected farm animals, educates the public about the healthy benefits of a vegan lifestyle and promotes sustainability.

Our work is funded solely by donations.

Located in Salem, Indiana, Uplands PEAK is smack-dab in the middle of the land of animal agriculture. Co-Founders, Mark and Michelle Pruitt believe this is where sanctuary is needed more than anywhere. Sanctuary offers the opportunity to experience a connection with a pig, cow, or a chicken – as they are living out their lives with the love and care they deserve. In turn, we envision sparking that connection within individuals to all facets of life. Thus, changing minds, opening hearts, and rippling that out into the world.

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary is 20-acres of refuge with about 15 acres of woods. We welcomed our first residents, Andy and Annie, two brave little piglets in October 2013.

We will be take on different species and grow our programs slowly, to ensure our residents have the best care possible.

The sanctuary will highlight educational workshops on compassionate & mindful living, vegan cooking classes, and more. We will strive to integrate various aspects of sustainable living practices that you can experience while visiting.

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