Why volunteering with a Sanctuary is crucial Vegan Activism

When you volunteer at farmed animal sanctuary you become a part of a place where animals are treated as individuals with a right to his/her life and preferences. By being a part of a Sanctuary, you are thus promoting and creating the world you wish to exist for animals beyond a sanctuary fences. 

Two is greater than One: When you become a part of a farm sanctuary as a volunteer, you become a part of a community of like-minded individuals that are actively creating a better world for farmed animals and you sustain a place that tirelessly promotes veganism. The most effective farm sanctuaries not only provide a home for farmed animals, but promote veganism through community outreach and especially sanctuary tours.103_1906

Keeping Animals off Plates: The most powerful way for people who eat and wear animals to choose a more compassionate lifestyle, is to meet and connect with a farmed animal as an individual, in person. By gazing into the eyes of these sentient beings, individuals and communities are transformed. Most sanctuaries are ran by volunteers, by investing your time and talents – you ensure that this interaction continues.

IMG_1071Recharging the Activist: Seeing that what you are fighting for actually exists, can be incredibly rejuvenating and peaceful. By regularly visiting your local farm sanctuary to volunteer puts you side by side with animals living their lives in peace and comfort. Animal rights activist tend to see and hear horrible stories of animal abuse and neglect every day, which had be daunting. The sheer weight of the information you receive can be overwhelming and drain all your energy. Recharging your batteries is vital to personal health and the health of the movement.

Gaining First Hand Knowledge: When you volunteer at a farm sanctuary it is not long before you know each animal’s personal story and have an understanding of their individual personalities. This is powerful information and experience to have as an activist. Talking about how pigs love belly rubs and get aggravated with their siblings, adds a whole new dimension when relating your beliefs to family and friends.

BennyinbackYou Save more Animals: A sanctuary is in a much better place to rescue more animals and spread the word in the community when you volunteer. A small sanctuary will remain just that without an energized and consistent volunteer force. Animal care is just one part of the daily routine, as the business side of the sanctuary, and the educational aspect must also be maintained. When you volunteer you guarantee that your local sanctuary thrives and not just survives.

Farm animals sanctuaries are few and far between in the United States, so if you are close to one, you have a unique opportunity to become a part of something greater than yourself.

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