Uplands PEAK’s First eBook!

We’re so excited to share with you PEAK’s first eBook — 7 Tips to Go Vegan!

This beautifully designed eBook is perfect to have with you at all times, right on your phone, if you’re taking the first steps to becoming vegan or already are vegan and want a resource for your vegan curious friends.

Each page includes informative links to further explain topics like why going to the zoo isn’t vegan or what “free-range” actually means. We also link to great lists curated by the PEAK team of documentary recommendations, book recommendations, important video presentations you won’t want to miss, and (our favorite) a list of responses to the most common questions vegans get asked. I don’t know about you, but even after a decade of being vegan, I can still stumble over what to say in the moment. This list is short one-liners that are easier to remember, and then, if they have more questions — lead them on over to this guide!


Wait! We kept the best part from you — IT’S FREE!!

Which means, you should download it right away to have pictures of baby Star and Freeda (cows), the Boss Lady (Lily the turkey), and a few more of our resident friends right in your phone. I mean, who could possibly cheer you up faster than Jack the chicken staring right back at you! It’s just win-win-win all around with this download.

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary values a vegan lifestyle as a sacred commitment, and proclaim that all food and drinks on the premises of the Sanctuary be vegan, without exception. We recognize the suffering of farmed animals and hereby reaffirm our mission of educating the community to the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and resolve that a vegan lifestyle is the only way to end the suffering of farmed animals permanently.

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