Sue Health Updates

A couple of months ago, Sue didn’t get up at dinner time, which is usually cause for concern. We went to look for Sue and she was asleep in her shelter. She did get up and eat without hesitation. We noticed that she was favoring her back left leg.

Upon examination, we couldn’t find the issue with her hoof, footpad, or leg. We administered anti-inflammatories to help with a possible strain and put her on stall rest to help her heal. We made an appointment with her veterinarian but as it approached she was doing much better, so we canceled. She still had this lingering toe-tap when she stood still but also was fine running!

We made an appointment at Purdue Large Animal Hospital on April 19th. Sue was sedated for the radiographic examination which showed subluxation of her hind hip joint – like hip dysplasia in a canine. At this time, Sue is on paddock rest for 2-3 months to give her hip time to improve. If she doesn’t we will look at other treatment options. She is doing well so far, and did manage to sneak out of her area the other day for a couple of laps full speed around the pasture!

Sue will be 5 years old this Fall, still young. We’re hoping for the best and will do what is best for her to live her life the most comfortable. She has been the best patient! Sue is a very sensitive girl and can be a bit grumpy at times! Thank you for loving Sue with us.

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