Star and Freeda Have Cake!







We’re sorry if you missed Star + Freeda’s first birthday party. You just haven’t lived until you’ve been to a one-year-old bovine birthday party!

Star and Freeda enjoyed themselves true to their personalities – They tore down their decorations prior to the start of the party. They started eating their table (a bale of hay) set aside for their cakes. Freeda licked off all the icing on her cake but left the cake. Star hesitantly and eventually licked a dab of icing and left it.

It was truly an emotional day for us thinking of how their lives could be so different, would they even be alive, had that not been rescued from that dairy farm in Vermont. It’s been our privilege to care for them, watch them come into their personalities, and explore their worlds this past year. Thank you for celebrating their precious lives with us. We look forward to many more Birthdays with them (cows can live to be 20-25 years old).

This week, they will meet the big boys’ herd, finally! We know that they are going to be ecstatic to be with other cows.

A huge thank you to everyone who made their Birthdays aMoozing!!

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