Resolve to Go Vegan

New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen. The most popular? You guessed it—to lose weight. Yet this year, forget about focusing on the number on the scale, and instead, resolve to go vegan. Here are three big reasons why:

1)    You’ll spare animals from suffering

Did you know that almost nine billion land animals are killed in the United States every year for food alone? According to the USDA, that’s 15,950 animals being killed every minute or 266 every second. Not only are their deaths horrendous, so, too, are their lives. Most are abused and treated inhumanely, never once feeling compassion, their entire lives. By taking them off your plate, you’ll no longer be supporting an industry that caters to their suffering. Besides, if you wouldn’t eat your cat or dog, why would you eat another animal? 

2)    You’ll help save the planet

Earth is an awesome place, but humans are killing it, and as they say, there is no “planet B.” It might surprise you to learn that at least 87 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, which harm the planet and eventually human health, come from animal agriculture, according to a white paper by Climate Healers. Experts say that animal agriculture even causes more of these gases than the entire transportation sector by itself. So if we – and all of our future generations – want a place to live, we’ve got to start changing to a more plant-centric diet. Science even confirms it: Going vegan is the single biggest way you can reduce your impact on the earth, according to a study in the journal Science. 

3)    You’ll get healthier 

Want to improve your health? Even lose weight in spite of not setting a resolution to do so? When it comes to your health, you can’t beat a plant-only diet. It’s the only diet that’s been scientifically proven not only to prevent but also reverse heart disease, which has always been the number one killer of American men and women. But it’s not just heart disease, as a plant-only diet can help prevent diabetes, cancers, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. And get this: If you’re battling weight issues, switching to a plant-only diet, even if you don’t change anything else, can help you lose weight. Bonus? You don’t have to count any calories. 

Yet going vegan alone can be tough. Want help? Here’s a suggestion: Sign up for Veganuary ( and join thousands of others around the world who are going vegan in January. It’s free, and you’ll get tons of information to guide you along your way. 

And there’s proof it works, unlike, of course, a resolution to lose weight:  In 2020, 59 percent of participants were able to go fully vegan during the entire month and 72 percent planned to stay vegan. Most of them did it to make the world a better place, but they also improved their health, the most common benefits being more energy, better skin appearance, positive change in body weight and happier mood. Talk about motivation to change!

Or consider other free challenges like The PLANTSTRONG Seven-Day Challenge, which kicks off on January 9; Viva!’s V7 Vegan Meal Plan for a Week; Million Dollar Vegan’s 31-day challenge; or the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

The 50 residents at Uplands PEAK, all of whom were rescued from the animal agriculture industry, say thank you and hope that you’ll make 2021 the year in which you see them as friends, not food. 


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