Mr. Jones

We’re heartbroken to have lost Mr. Jones (Indiana Jones, Jonsey) on July 21st, 2017. He passed in the night at the hospital while being treated for a breathing condition. Mr. Jones was rushed to the Avian Clinic on the morning of the 19th because he was gasping for air. He has been asthmatic for a couple months– his illness wasn’t responsive to any of the prescribed antibiotics, antifungal medications, or steroids. He stayed about the same and was feeling okay if we kept him in low humidity and stress-free conditions. Mr. Jones came to us in October 2017. He was picked up off the streets by animal control, as roosters are often dumped/discarded. He has always been such a “talker”! He loved to hang out near us but wasn’t interested in being held or petted, which we honor here. For a period, he enjoyed leading the Footloose Flock as they were much younger. He had such a sweet demeanor. When he got excited or was trying to get away from someone/a loud noise, he had an adorable little hop.We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to know him. Mr. Jones’ body was cremated and the ashes will be spread under a tree in the front area, where Beaky is also buried.