RIP July 2014

Before arriving at PEAK, Luke had spent a year with five other goats in a stall that was nailed shut. They seldom received adequate food, water, or general care. We are so grateful and honored, he was able to spend the last month of his life here, knowing kindness and joy, eating all that he wanted (he especially LOVED his treats of alfalfa and sunflower seeds!) romping freely in the fields, and hanging out with his bud Twiggy in peace.
Luke was a very sweet boy and gentle boy. He loved to nuzzle and have his neck scratched. He was Twiggy’s protector and companion and the two were never more than a few feet apart. Just in the last two weeks he and Twiggy started playing/butting every night before bed.

This week Luke went in for a routine castration at the advice of the vet. In most cases it prolongs their life, and in Luke’s situation the vet had hoped it would help with the issues he was having with his back legs; severe stiffening and neuropathy – resulting from his severe malnutrition.

Luke was doing very well the evening after the surgery but we rushed him to the vet the next morning, as he was in obvious pain. The vet spent a couple of hours with him, but in the end he passed quietly at the office.

Neither of the vets that cared for Luke were able to say what really took him in the end. He was old beyond his years due to the malnutrition, neglect, and cruelty he endured. We are so grateful they experienced freedom, sunshine, love, and a full belly in his final months. 

We will dearly miss our old friend……… And know that Twiggy is missing him too.