We welcomed Lucy in July 2014. She was 8 weeks old and 40 pounds. She was picked up off a highway in Illinois by a caring family, after surviving a jump off a transport truck! Lucy is quite fond of humans and seeks affection. She was timid with the big pig herd, so initially she was pals with Twiggy (the goat). Then her bestie, Tulip, was rescued in December of the same year. It was so good for both of them! Lucy has a big personality and is friendly and inquisitive! It is clear how much she enjoys her life. She loves to run, and she is fast! When Sue was rescued, Lucy took Sue on as an apprentice and showed her how to live her best life too. Sometimes you can find Lucy just sitting, looking around, and taking in all of life. Mostly, she is hanging with her gal-pals Tulip and Sue.