Activist Spotlight: Meet Marlo!

Activism comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages! This month, we’d like to introduce you to Marlo. She’s a young activist who recently used a school project to not only educate people about the perils of factory farming but also fundraise for the residents at PEAK!

How did you start working to help animals? What inspired your fundraiser for PEAK?

I had to do a project for school called Exhibition, and every student had to choose a social or environmental issue. I decided to choose farmed animals as my topic and to raise awareness about how factory farming is bad for animals, human health, and our environment. What inspired me to help animals was my love for animals and how I know that farmed animals are special and deserve to live an amazing life. When I decided to do my fundraiser, I chose to donate the money to PEAK because they treat all their rescued animals amazingly and allow them to live freely. I wanted to give them money to help them have the resources they needed to keep their animals safe and happy.

What do you think kids can do to speak up for animals?

I think that kids can do something like I did, and they don’t just have to do it for a school project. They can learn more about the problems with factory farming and how the animals are being treated, and then they can share that information with people they know to inform them about what’s happening. That way, the people they share the information with can share it with other people, too. They can also make lifestyle choices like choosing a vegan diet. If we don’t stop this, our planet will be destroyed, the animals won’t get to be free, and people will get sick from eating animal products.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a few different things when I grow up! I would like to be a neonatologist to help babies who were born early; a ballet dancer; an actress; or an engineer. I would also like to stay connected to helping animals who need our help.

Who are your favorite animals?

I like so many animals, but my favorites would probably be koala bears, lemurs, orca whales, and penguins.

Do you have any companion animals? If so, how did they join your family?

I do! We have a tuxedo cat named Charlie. He is five years old, and he acts more like a dog than a cat. We got him after our other cat passed away four years ago. We started going to the Humane Society just to look at the cats. One day, a cat came up to us and plopped down right beside us for a belly rub, and my mom joked and sent a picture to my dad saying, “A new member of our family?” The next time we went, he was gone and we were sad. But then we went back again, and he was there again. So, we knew it was a sign we should adopt him. He’s a big, fluffy baby!

We hope other young activists are inspired by Marlo’s compassion! We’re encouraged to see so many young people using their voices to advocate for animals.

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