ValenSwine’s Day Gift

February 10, 2017
Show your LOVE with a special ValenSwine’s Day Gift(s) from PEAK
We’ve partnered Whelpdale Chocolates to offer the perfect ValenSwine’s package for you and/or your special someone.
$15 plus $5 shipping + handling 
Must be ordered by February 7th 10 AM! 
We’ll personalize the card of your choice, package it with 2 handmade vegan chocolate hearts (1 milk chocolate, 1 white chocolate raspberry), and ship to arrive by or on Feb. 14th.

About Whelpdale Chocolates: Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Whelpdale uses a very delicate balance of cocoa butter, sugar and soy based milk as so that all the complex and delicious flavor of the cocoa can still be recognized in each bite. All of our chocolates are hand made, and carefully tempered to achieve a texture and snap that is expected of high quality chocolate. Made in a gluten free/animal product free environment.

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