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Tickets will be $10 the day of the event. The drawing will be held Nov. 4th.

Canvas is  32 X 48. Retail Value = $1,000

Be entered to win this gorgeous canvas wrapped photo Nemo captured by Yoga Animalia Project.

We believe this photograph captures the essence of Nemo’s spirit and journey of overcoming. You will be inspired by Nemo’s might daily with this hanging in your favorite room. Nemo was born on a goat meat farm and destined to be on someone’s plate. When a kind woman visited the farm, they literally stepped over Nemo to enter the barn. It was freezing and she was covered in her own feces and urine unable to stand on her own. She likely hours from death. The woman asked if she could have Nemo. She took her home, warmed her with towels out of the dryer and a heating pad, and propped her up in the bathtub. At times it was touch and go and didn’t seem like Nemo was going to recover. With a fierce spirit and love for life, Nemo pulled through. First, she started crawling on her knees and after six trying weeks, she began to walk – she was wobbly but nonetheless stood on all four hooves! We love so much and are constantly inspired by her bravery.

About Yog Animalia Project.

Through photography the Yoga Animalia Project aims to present nonhuman animals as individuals, exploring their personalities and the way they experience their world. The Project attempts to bridge the gap between nonhuman animals and the human eyes who view them, focusing on rescued farm animals living in safety at sanctuaries across North America.

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