Roxie Rescue Reserve



$15,000 Year-End Goal

The Roxie Rescue Reserve funds all new rescues’ immediate medical and transport costs as well as their lifelong care. There are so many farmed animals, like Wilson, the steer, who desperately need PEAK. We can only help them with your financial support. Please make a life-saving gift today so that we can say YES to more animals in 2018!

About Roxie Pruitt

The Roxie Rescue Reserve was created in memory of Roxie Pruitt, Co-Founders Mark, and Michelle’s beloved companion. She passed on July 24, 2013, just months before they were set to move to the Sanctuary property. Roxie had a big presence and was a large part of the journey to PEAK’s fruition. To honor her, the Roxie Rescue Reserve was created.

Roxie died way short of her prime (before the age of three) from a rare infectious disease, leptospirosis. She was the love of Mark and Michelle’s lives. She filled up their days with adventure, companionship, and joy. The energy she exuded into the world is that which comes from a truly special being. While there will always be an emptiness in Mark and Michelle’s hearts for her, they are comforted remembering her love for life, adventures, and people. But mostly, how she did every single bit of it “flat-out!”


What we once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply becomes part of us.