William was kept as a “pet,” alone in a backyard urban setting, and tethered in a very small yard with a dog igloo for a shelter. Such a situation is very stressful for a goat given they are prey animals that naturally live in groups. PEAK was contacted in an attempt to find a more suitable life for William. When William arrived he would butt his head against something for what seemed like an hour and had significant food aggression. We also had to be very cautious around him, not to get injured. He has made significant improvements since having other goats, space, and being neutered.

William is very particular about his water and prefers it to be freshly poured. We are still cautious with William given he can be a little rowdy and has very large horns. However, we are able to scratch his face and between his horns now, and be with him in the pasture. William is quite the character and loves to show off for visitors!