Vegan (named by an avid PEAK supporter) was rescued on December 3,2015, at 7 months old. Vegan was born on a cattle farm in Iowa and saved himself from being slaughtered by sustaining a major injury. A super awesome volunteer, Jerry, drove from Minnesota to Iowa to Indiana, to bring Vegan to safety – he is currently being treated at Purdue Large Animal Hospital. Vegan fractured his back left leg at the farm where he was brought into this world to become someone’s dinner. Due to not receiving treatment for his injury, the tendon began to contract and caused him to place most of his weight on his other back leg. This resulted in both of his back legs being injured which is very difficult to heal.

Vegan was treated at Purdue Large Animal Hospital for 2 months. His fractured leg has healed almost 100%, it is still contracting a bit, but should improve as he uses and strengthens it. Upon being released from the hospital on Feb 5th, and finally coming home, the opposite leg has declined.The ligaments broke down due to him placing the majority of his weight on it, to compensate for the fractured leg. We are watching it closely as the vet believes it can improve on it’s own, with exercise and the other leg improving. If it does decline any further,he will have to undergo reconstructive surgery. We are seeking alternative treatment methods like acupuncture and laser therapy.

Since coming home to PEAK; Vegan is eating very well, very curious of his surroundings, and friendly with all the other animals. He is very slowly warming up to us humans. We are taking everything slow with him as his legs still have a long way to go!  We are so happy he is finally home and we can give him all the TLC and care that he deserves.

We are still very much in need of donations for Vegan’s care and recovery! Please consider a donation of any amount to help. Thank you!