Zeke and Wilson arrived at PEAK on Mother’s Day 2017! The ASPCA reached out to us, after the completion of our COWpaign, requesting that we offer sanctuary to cows in need. We weren’t quite sure who would end up at PEAK as they were finding homes for such a large number, and we were waiting for the pasture to be ready to offer a home.

Zeke and Wilson were part of what is now considered the largest-ever farm animal cruelty case in Northeast. They were removed with more than 1,000 other
farm animals of various species living in deplorable conditions on a 70-acre property in Westport, Mass. Many of the animals exhibited signs of neglect and with no access to food or water. Deceased animals were found throughout the property.

These two have been through so much and have been one another’s companion the entire time, they have a deep bond, and are almost ALWAYS touching!! They are both curious and incredibly sweet.

They are quite comfortable and have become “treat hounds”! They greet us everytime we come to check on them, sometimes with licks + head nuzzles, but always curiosity and love! Wilson has started to moo for hay in the mornings, which is the sweetest moo we have ever heard! He has the longest road as he has quite a bit of weight to gain and his digestive system has healing to do, given how long he has been living with parasites and malnourishment. However, they are both putting on weight and it’s obvious they are feeling better. We are running a couple additional tests to be safe before letting them join Vegan.