Twiggy was rescued from a property in Salem, Indiana and came to PEAK in June 2014. It wasn’t until April 9, 2015 that the court ruled that PEAK is his permanent guardians, as the criminal case was and is still pending against his previous “owners”. Twiggy and four other goats, were kept in a stall that was nailed closed for at least a year. They received very little food or water, were standing in more than three feet of muck (feces + urine), covered with parasites, and their hooves were so long they could barely walk. Twiggy was emaciated and his coat was extremely sparse!  When he arrived at PEAK he was very afraid of humans and would hide whenever we entered the barn. We treated Twiggy for internal and external parasites, gave him a few fungal bathes, and lots of TLC! It took some time but once he was healthy we also figured out that he has allergies. So, now he is on an allergy pill as needed and flax seed oil daily to help alleviate his symptoms.

It has been beautiful to watch Twiggy’s personality really shine, now that he is loved, cared for, and safe! He loves for his face and between his horns to be scratched. Sometimes he will nudge us to let us know he would like a scratch! Until Benny (the goat) arrived in July 2015, Twiggy hung with Lucy (the pig) and Tulip (the pig).