Tulip, our tenth rescue, was born on a factory farm in a huge agricultural area in NW Illinois. Tulip is a traditional farm pig and a Meishan mix – a breed from China (read more about the breed and entry in the US).

Tulip was taken away from her mother within the first week of her life, like all piglets born at a factory farm.  Due to her slow growth, Tulip, along with 97 other piglets were sitting in buckets at the factory farm, waiting to be killed at just a few weeks old. The industry measures life by rate of monetary return.

Fortunately, a caring group of people stepped in and saved the piglets.  Tulip then found a home with a loving caretaker. Unfortunately, Tulip was the only rescued piglet to survive. While Tulip was loved very much, she was living in the middle of a neighborhood and the neighbors began to complain regularly to the authorities. Additionally, there has been a movement to pass an ordinance to ban farm animals from living in back yards in her town. Recently, her  long time goat companion was re-homed and she became very depressed. With all of this, her caretaker felt it was best for Tulip’s safety, as well as her physical and emotional well being, to reside at a farm animal sanctuary.

Tulip came to PEAK in Dec. 2014 after a brief stay at Purdue Large Animal Hospital, where she was spayed. Pretty quickly Tulip was introduced to Lucy, another young pig resident, and they immediately connected. It didn’t take them long to start snuggling together. Tulip made quite the transformation with companionship, proper nutrition, and plenty of space to be a pig. When she first arrived, we couldn’t see much of her eyes, one day we noticed we could see the whites of her eyes. Tulip is one of the most gentle peaceful beings we have ever met. She lives for a good belly rub!