Sue is a 9-month-old Berkshire X Landrace piglet. As you can see from the video she loves life and belly rubs! She was bottle raised by humans, so she is very comfortable with humans and can get a little nippy sometimes looking for a snack.  Sue comes sprinting when you call her name and is so curious of other beings.

Sue was born on a small pig farm in Kentucky while her life was spared, her mother and siblings weren’t shown the same mercy. The farmer was starting a new career and wanted to rehome Sue. Thankfully, the farmer and family grew fond of Sue, so they reached out to PEAK to provide a forever home.

When we were contacted in January, we did not have the space to offer Sue a home but were willing to offer her a home when our new pasture was ready. The family could not find a foster to keep Sue until our pasture would be ready. Sue’s time was running out and they were going to send her to another pig farm. Luckily, Carlyn and Renee’ (PEAK supporters) who live within an hour of the Sanctuary, agreed to care for Sue, until she could come home to PEAK. We did a site check before she was to arrive and had a new shelter delivered to the property. Plus, we visit on a regular basis and check-in.

Sue was surrendered to PEAK on February 5th, 2017. We took her straight to Purdue Large Animal Hospital for spaying and to recover. At Purdue, she was treated for internal parasites and lice. We also chose for her to stay at the hospital to completely heal from her spay surgery. Her total medical care cost was $600 at Purdue.

We’ll have plenty of updates as Sue settles into her new life here and makes new pig friends. Thank you for helping us provide Sanctuary to yet another amazing being!

Sponsor Sue, to ensure she gets all her heart desires.

Sue Video