On January 6, 2016 we found Nigel in the field across from the Sanctuary. At first glance, he seemed to be OK, but a bit out of sorts. As we came back to the Sanctuary, we noticed a large amount of feathers lining the road. Based on that, we thought he might have been in some sort of struggle. We went to a few near-by homes, who we knew had roosters to see if they might be missing one. No one claimed him.

We then were able to capture him and bring him back to the Sanctuary to inspect him. He had quite a large old wound on his back, it had already developed some scab, and was missing quite a few feathers. We cleaned his wound and applied antibiotic ointment.
Nigel is a a juevenile Polish breed, rooster. At this point, we believe he may have been dumped at our property – it seems to be the best explanation!

Given, he is our sole chicken, and it is the middle of winter, he is staying cozy indoors with us! On warmer, sunny days, he is spending some time on our enclosed sun porch.  He spends his days roosting on the highest step of a ladder and hunting for treats in his paper towel roll puzzle. He is so smart and curious. In just 3 weeks his wound has healed and his feathers are growing in on his back. Also, as of yesterday, he started taking grapes from Michelle! She holds out a piece of grape between her index finger and thumb and he grabs it – progress!

We are so glad he showed up and will live out his life here, knowing kindness and love.