Nemo was rescued from a goat meat farm, where she was destined to be impregnated over and over until being sold for meat, on Jan. 13th, 2016.  Nemo was saved by a caring woman, Tristan, and her family, who found her during a visit to the farm. The family gave her the name “Nemo” due to a birth “defect” that left one of her ears much smaller than the other.

The family found Nemo lying on the floor in the barn doorway in a very grave state. She was emaciated, covered in her own urine and feces, freezing, and hours away from death. Her body temperature was extremely low, she was infested with parasites, dehydrated, and not able to hold herself upright. According to the farmer, she had had diarrhea for well over a month, and they weren’t willing to do anything else to help her.

Tristan immediately got Nemo indoors and tried to raise her body temperature with an electric blanket and warmed towels. She then brought her home and began feeding her much needed medicine, vitamins, and fluids. Nemo was so weak that she not able to eat or drink on her own, and had to be kept propped up in a bath-tub with pillows to keep her sternal.

Once Nemo began eating and drinking on her own and was able to hold herself sternal (though still not able to walk), she moved to the garage where she was kept warm with a heating lamp and a friend: the families black lab. It was around this time that Tristan contacted PEAK to secure a loving forever home for Nemo once she was strong enough to leave. PEAK stayed in touch, keeping up with Nemo’s progress and prognosis and began preparing her own stall.

The family worked hard to help Nemo begin to walk. They massaged and exercised her legs and practiced getting her to stand on all fours with some support. Nemo gave it her all, but she just could not stand on her own yet. On February 27, 2016, Nemo moved outside to be near other goats at the family’s home, where she found a new young goat friend who encouraged her to try walking. Nemo would scoot and crawl on her knees trying to follow her friend around.

Nemo and her caretakers struggled to keep going at times, but despite how hopeless the situation seemed, neither gave up.

Then on March 6, 2016, Nemo began stumbling across the yard on all four hooves! After being down and unable to walk for more than six weeks, it had seemed like this day would never come. Finally, in late April, Nemo got the green light from her vet to make the move to PEAK, when it was clear she was strong enough and wouldn’t relapse due to stress.

The day she arrived at the Sanctuary, she was curious and comfortable. Due to the constant care that was required to save her life, she has a strong desire to be with humans, and cries out when we aren’t in view. Nemo still needs to gain a little strength and sound footing – she is a tad wobbly at times. So for now, she is sharing space with Vegan (calf). Upon meeting Benny, who visits her on occasion, she took charge. She is a very strong willed goat! We are looking forward to getting to know her better and watch her grow strong – we are already so inspired by her determination! Nemo will live out her life at PEAK receiving all the care she needs and love she deserves.

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