Mr. Jones

Indiana Jones, Mr. Jones to his friends, was picked up by animal control in Minneapolis, Mn. His time was limited as is usually the case with roosters in shelters. Our friends at Chicken Run Rescue pulled him out just in time and helped coordinate his transport, 800 miles, to PEAK.

With the help of volunteers Charlene and Derek, Mr. Jones traveled safely to his forever home at PEAK on October 20th, 2017.

Mr. Jones while healthy does seem to have some damaged feather due to being in a cramped wire cage. He is very vocal! He spent the first few days with us in our office to get settled then moved to the “Bachelor Pad”. He doesn’t mind hanging around humans but is so keen on being picked up right now. With time, we hope to gain his trust.

Please consider sponsoring Mr. Jones to help provide his daily care needs.