Mark Pruitt

Vice President/Co-Founder
Mark Pruitt

Mark was born in Henderson, KY. and has spent most of his life in the state with exception of eight years in NYC. He has traveled extensively in the United States and enjoyed a wide range of adventures from working in Alaska to hiking portions of the Appalachian Trail. Mark became Vegan in 2011 and was initially exposed to veganism by his wife, but also greatly influenced by a Gary Yourofsky video. Mark states, “It had always been my dream to create and work with a retreat center of sorts, as a career change. Becoming vegan allowed me to combine desire with a cause I was passionate about. It is also really exciting to be on the cutting edge of a revolution that can literally transform the world for the better, simply by making a food choice.”

Mark has always loved and cared for animals and shared his life for a long time with his beloved companion, Zeke, a black lab. Now, he shares his home with three dogs and three cats.

Mark brings a variety of life experiences to his management of Uplands PEAK. His career of twenty four years was in the mental health field. His experience includes working as a therapist, emergency room social worker, managing various clinic, and Director of Behavioral Health Servicest at Clark Memorial Hospital in southern Indiana. Although he did not follow directly in their shoes, he comes from a long line of builders, tinkers, and electricians.

He has always loved and cared for animals and has had many special relationships with them throughout his life.

Mark earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Hunter School of Social Work.