Lucy fell off a transport truck at just a few weeks old, escaping her fate of misery and certain death, onto a highway in Illinois. Luckily, she survived her fall with only scratches and was picked up by a very kind gentleman, who sought sanctuary for her. Lucy came to PEAK in July 2014 at about 40 lbs. Being so small and use to being with the family who picked her up on the highway, she stayed on our enclosed deck for her first few weeks here. She slept in a dog crate with her Little Mermaid quilt. When we finally moved her to the barn, she still slept in the dog crate, until one day, she realized she really didn’t fit and left it behind.

Lucy has always been timid of the older pigs, even though now, she is much closer to their size. So for a while, she was the sole pig upfront and made pals with Twiggy (the goat). It wasn’t too long until Tulip (the pig) arrived and they connected immediately. Twiggy snuggled with them the entire winter, to keep extra warm!

Lucy love human affection, belly and ear rubs! She is quite aware of her surroundings. A neighbor started coming down and giving her scraps. Now, is she hears his truck, she comes running from wherever she is on the farm – even if he is just getting his mail! Sometimes, Lucy can be found just sitting and pondering, something…….. it’s beautiful.

The Cutest Lucy Video ever!