Julie Gray

Julie is a freelance writer who lives in Bloomington, Indiana. When she first heard that Peak was opening in Salem, she proposed doing a story about it for Bloom magazine, for which she is regular contributor. She visited Peak and was captivated by the epic story of those lovable runaways Andy and Annie. Afraid of highway driving, she couldn’t visit Peak as often as she wished. So when Peak moved to Freedom, much closer to Bloomington and along highways even she could handle, Julie was overjoyed.

Julie has always loved animals, but as a magazine editor in New York City, she was limited to dogs and cats. Eventually she decided to chuck it all and go to vet tech school. She became a licensed vet tech and practiced briefly but realized her strengths were in writing and advocacy.

Now back in her hometown, she has volunteered at many local animal organizations and is a volunteer district leader for the Humane Society of the United States. She lives with two rabbits, two cats, and two dogs. She dreams of expanding her ark to include two more of practically any and every other species. In the meantime she has her friends at Peak (especially the charismatic Bodhi, whom she supports with a monthly donation). She hopes that one day everyone will recognize that animals have consciousness and rights and will stop eating them.