Jelly was Mark and Michelle’s first adopted dog! Jelly was in the city’s animal shelter for several months with her pups. The shelter said Jelly and her last pup, Bean, had Parvo (which wasn’t the case), so they wouldn’t be able to be adopted. A month or so later Michelle found Jelly’s photo on the internet again under another rescue’s page. She called immediately to say they would be there to get her within the hour. They then found out that Jelly was going to be euthanized due to dog aggression and the rescue organization had saved her life. Jelly has made such strides since being in a loving, patient home. She has had many dog friends and loves the farm life!

On July 13, 2017 we helped Jelly make her transition after complications post her intestinal surgery. We were in and out of the vet’s office over the week with blockage symptoms. Once it was found that she had a mass in her intestines, we opted to have it removed, and the surgery went well. Take a moment to celebrate her life through this slideshow.  Jelly was and will always be a true guardian of the Sanctuary.

If you’ve visited PEAK you probably gave her a belly rub, as she insisted by leaning into you, consequently you left covered in her fur. When we adopted Jelly, she was fearful and insecure, as a result, had aggression towards other dogs. She also had a strong instinct to go after (read want to kill them) the cats. The people who came to know her through PEAK find this hard to believe. But even at that time, she was the most loyal and loving companion to humans. We don’t know all that she experienced before we adopted her but that she was picked up as a “stray” with her puppy/puppies. She was in the shelter for a few months. Jelly would have been quite alright being the only dog in our house but really embraced being a big sister, friend, and role model to two puppies – Roxie and Kita.

We imagine with every adoption and rescue she was saying “not again”. When we moved to the country, Jelly really came into her own, she was meant to be a farm dog! Jelly was easy going. As long as she was with her people, she was up for anything, a walk, a nap, whatever. We grew so much together. She really was the best dog. She was patient with us humans. We’ve been told that when someone leaves your life, it’s because you are turning a corner – starting new chapter – we don’t know what that means for us, but we do know that we are better off having known the love of the faithful, unconditional, patient, easy going, loving Jelly.

We will miss you so very much Jelly. We will miss your bossy bark when you wanted something. We will miss you laying into the door when you were ready to come in. We will miss you snuggling in the bed. We will miss you heart lifting smile every time you greeted us. Run Free My Sweet, Sweet Girl.

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