Isaac and his two siblings, Brandi and Erica, were rescued from a terrible neglect case along with dozens of other animals in upstate New York. These three adolescent pigs were found confined in a concrete paddock without grass, shade, or water. More than fifty animals were found dead on arrival. The surviving farmed animals suffered from the effects of long-term malnutrition, hoof and dental problems, sunburn injuries, and parasites while being housed in improper, unhygienic and dangerous pens. Due to debris, large amounts of waste material, lack of shelter and potable water. Fortunately, the three survived and are able to live out their lives as a family at PEAK. We welcomed them to PEAK in November 2013.Their breed is Gloucestershire Old Spots—known for their docility and intelligence.

Isaac is leader of the herd; Brandi, Erica, Annie, and Annie. He is gentle and laid back. He does have a playful, silly side. He loves to collect things to play with and bring them to bed like old feed bags, boxes, etc. Isaac also really enjoys strong smells like peppermint oil, he will try to roll on them. This can make hoof treatments of his herd mates a bit tricky.