Hank was rescued on February 8, 2018. An Indiana shelter picked him up off the street and reached out to us. Luckily, with our move to a much larger property in the works, we were able to offer him lifelong sanctuary. Hank most likely fell off a transport truck, as piglets do, because they are so small when they are transported to a farm to be fattened up for slaughter. Hank was exposed to the cold weather for some time as he suffered frostbite on both ears and lost half of his right one.

Hank is still just a baby at about 12 weeks old. He is friendly, seeks affection and comfort, and is so full of energy. He is getting settled into sanctuary life and will slowly be introduced to the other pig residents at PEAK.

We are so grateful that Hank is with us and will have the life that he deserves and all the things pigs enjoy! Please consider becoming Hank’s monthly sponsor to help with the cost of his daily care.