Franklin Delano Roostervelt (Frankie) came to PEAK in June 2016. Frankie is a young Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster. He was purchased either through mail order (live young chicks are shipped in a box, sometimes dying along the way) or a local farm supply store, with the intent to keep egg laying hens. The purchaser listed him in a yard sale ad “for free” since he turned out to be male– useless for those exploiting hens for eggs. Luckily, an animal advocate stepped in and found him sanctuary at PEAK. Frankie and Nigel (the other resident rooster) took a few weeks to get to know one another, slowly. However, now they are family and roam the Sanctuary together, keeping it safe throughout the day. Frankie is very vocal. He will hop to take red grapes from our fingers. He loves to be around his caretakers, but does not like to be held or petted. He is usually the one to pick the dust bathing spot for himself and Nigel.