Franklin Delano Roostervelt, “Frankie”, came to PEAK in June 2016. He is our 18th rescue and second chicken resident to date. Frankie is a 5-6 month old, Silver Laced Wyandotte. He was purchased either through mail-order (live young chicks are shipped in a box, sometimes dying along the way) or a local farm supply store,with the intent to keep egg laying hens. Either way, he was born at a hatchery under a heating lamp, not with his Mom, like billions of other chicks. Unfortunately, when the purchaser realizes that one or more of their chicks are male, usually at a few months old, they are deemed worthless and are given away or abandoned, since they will not lay eggs. Which is what happened with Frankie. For every egg laying hen there is an abandoned or dead rooster!

Frankie is just a baby. He is very sweet and seeks reassurance and affection. We have found that he loves to eat and will try to take your banana. He is very vocal and is almost always communicating. At this time, we are slowly testing integrating him with Nigel but we aren’t sure if they will be companions or not at this time. Frankie is sleeping in the coop at night in a crate and is out and about during the day. We will keep everyone posted of the developments.