Bodhi means “enlightenment” or “awakening”. We welcomed Bodhi on January 29, 2017. He was abandoned, like most roosters, in the woods in winter. He lost his comb, waddle, a toe, and toenail due to severe frostbite. He also showed “flashback” type symptoms. Bodhi has put all this behind him. He enjoys human companionship and seeks affection. We found he really enjoys listening to meditative music! Bodhi is inquisitive, loves bright colors, looking in the mirror, and being gently stroked along his body. When Bodhi spots us around the Sanctuary he comes running to greet us. While he enjoys being with humans, he doesn’t play very nicely with other roosters. He does okay with Nigel and Frankie through a fence, but not face-to-face. He really wants to be the “boss,” which is typical rooster behavior.