Bodhi was rescued from the side of the road on the Northwest side of Chicago in the middle of December 2016 by a kind woman. This is an area known for animal sacrifices in the woods.  He was taken to Niles Hospital in Chicago. Free From Harm managed his care and finding him a forever home with PEAK.  The staff at Niles, said that he seemed to have “flashbacks” where he would flap his wings and panic in his kennel when they would approach. He eventually relaxed and began to trust.

From being outdoors, in the middle of winter, without any protection, Bodhi suffered extreme frostbite. As a result, he lost his comb, waddle, and one of his toes – an additional toe with a loose toenail, is also healing. The toe fragment of the most severe toe, did fall off, and that area needs to heal over, before he can wander the outdoors.

Bodhi is a Rhode Island Red and is about 6-8 months old, still a baby!

We were so happy to welcome Bodhi home on January 29th – a perfect celebration for Year of the Rooster. Bodhi is acclimating indoors with his human caretakers for now, to get comfortable with his new surroundings, and to know he is safe.

Bodhi is inquisitive, and receptive to affection. He really enjoys listening to meditative music while we work in the office.  He is pretty laid back. However, he still needs to gain some confidence and get out into the world and be a rooster!

Eventually, we will slowly introduce him to Nigel and Frankie. They have already started having crowing contests and Bodhi seems eager to join them. Bodhi will benefit from being in a flock with two older roosters, so they can show him the ropes, and he can gain more confidence.

Bodhi is seeking monthly sponsors to help with his daily needs. Please consider signing up today.