Benny escaped his fate, and was roaming a near-by forest for over a week, filled with thunderstorms. He was alone, frightened and exhausted. A camp staff member was actually able to catch him and secure him while they reached out for a rescue. With severe weather moving in late that afternoon, they needed someone to pick him up by the end of the work day, as no-one there could take him or watch him overnight. When we were contacted, in the afternoon, we jumped in the car to bring this little guy home – to PEAK.

When we arrived on the scene, Benny was curled in a ball snuggled up to a tree trunk. He was terrified and grinding his teeth. Not only did he spend at least a week alone in the forest – being a lone goat and prey of most animals is extremely stressful – he also came from a place that didn’t provide him with proper care or love. Being brought into this world, solely to be someone’s meal. The ear-tag punched through his ear tag, labeling him as a commodity, only tells a small part of his story.He was loaded with internal parasites, anemic, and underweight due to the parasites and malnutrition. Therefore, it is hard to gauge his age, but he was around 5 months old.

That night, we brought him home, and made him cozy in his stall with lots of straw, a bale to climb on, food, and water. The poor little guy was exhausted, weak, and pretty skittish. He got in the corner and slept, probably the first good night of sleep he had in some time. Animals know, when people are helping them. He knew he was safe.

Since arriving in July 2015, Benny has more than doubled in size, he loves to eat! After several months of treatment and some upper respiratory issues, he is strong and healthy. He is a pretty laid back guy, unless you have treats, then he might get a little pushy. He loves to hang with his pal Twiggy (goat).