Annie and her brother Andy, were PEAK’s first rescues, in October 2013. We made the 14 hour round trip to bring them home. At just a couple months old, they took their fate into their own hands, and ran for their lives. They escaped from a backyard in the city of Minneapolis, where they were destined to be on a dinner plate. It is sad but not uncommon for pigs, goats and sheep to be brought into the city in car trunks and slaughtered in backyards. A Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Officer (MACC) picked these two courageous piggies up in a field in North Minneapolis. Andy still had a rope tied to his leg. The duo made the news.Luckily, our friends Chicken Run Rescue, caught wind of these two brave souls, and made sure they didn’t end up back on a “farm”. They had a short stay in the shelter, separated from one-another, which they didn’t care for at all. The siblings are the best of friends and are never far from one another sides, to this day.

Andy is a very sweet guy. He is the lowest man of the herd, so often gets booted out. However, he can be a bit of a “little brother” and pester everyone a little. When Andy was little he was very cautious of humans and it hasn’t been until recently that we could give him a belly rub – while he is already laying down of course.