PEAK’s First Calf Needs Your Help!

helpveganMeet Vegan (named by a avid PEAK supporter), PEAK’s most recent rescue, a 7 month old calf from Iowa, needing your help for a Christmas miracle. Vegan was born on a cattle farm and saved himself from being slaughtered by sustaining a major injury. We want to give Vegan every opportunity for a mobile life, receiving the care and love he deserves. Will you help Vegan? Please give generously now.

A super awesome volunteer, Jerry, drove from Minnesota to Iowa to Indiana, to bring Vegan to safety – he is currently being treated at Purdue Large Animal Hospital. Vegan fractured his back left leg at the farm where he was brought into this world to become someone’s dinner. Due to not receiving treatment for his injury, the tendon began to contract and caused him to place most of his weight on his other back leg. This resulted in both of his back legs being injured which is very difficult to heal. Given his prognosis, Vegan will be staying at Purdue for sometime to ensure he gets the rest and treatment he needs. We know that Vegan has a strong will for life and are hopeful his youth plays into his favor. Now, he really needs your help.

The extent of his treatment will be a step by step process based on how his body responds. His fractured leg has been stabilized by a splint and he is resting very well, which is a good thing! Depending on how he heals, he may or may not have to have a procedure on the non-fractured leg. At this point his medical bills are projected to be thousands (in the range of $5K or more). We know you are behind us and believe this baby deserves every shot at life! Can Vegan depend on you? Give now to help cover Vegan’s urgent medical expenses!

The amount of Vegan’s medical expenses is challenging for a new + small sanctuary – but we know we can count on you to meet this challenge, for Vegan. Our plan was to begin rescuing cows in the Spring of 2016. However, when we learned of Vegan’s urgent need, we knew we had to help to give him a chance at life!

Thank you for spreading love & hope for all beings this holiday season …. especially for Vegan!