Bearing Witness and Getting Active

It’s been just over 3 weeks since the accident happened in Burlington.  It has really shaken us.  We have this photo of Bonnie and Clyde hanging at the Sanctuary.

14517348_990761491033033_7339762375060676795_n A truck headed to the notorious Burlington, Ontario, slaughterhouse overturned on October 5, 2016, killing 42 pigs and injuring many of the 160 others who were crammed inside. Pigs that escaped the crashed trailer were rounded up only to be walked to their deaths inside the slaughterhouse. Sanctuary was offered to injured pigs but was ignored. Instead, for hours they lay crippled and scared receiving no medical attention or mercy. Then they were shot in the head and discarded in a dumpster.

We followed this tragedy on social media, our hearts were crushed. As caretakers and companions to rescued pigs, we know what incredibly sensitve, loving, and aware beings, they are. These nightmares happen because people eat animals. The only way to end them is to live vegan and become active for animals.

As a way to remember and honor the victims of Fearman’s a volunteer created a Twibbon. Please, join us in updating your profile picture and share on social media. It is our hope that through sharing we will ignite a fire and inspire action.

We see you. We will remember you. We will never stop standing up for you.

Article following the accident.

Full Live Video — it is difficult to watch, and we were called to bear witness in this way.

Photographs of the day

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