Greta Continues to Improve

It has been several weeks since Greta arrived at Uplands PEAK Sanctuary and her condition and quality of life continue to improve. One of the first goals was to get her hooves to a point where she could stand evenly and avoid more stress to her already severely arthritic legs.


before trimming


after trimming

It has taken 6 weeks of weekly trimmings to achieve this. Her hooves were so over grown that they were folded over and fused, creating a situation that is hard to repair. With her difficulty standing, this was a slow and tedious process. We have almost gotten them back to normal and our efforts have made it much easier for her to walk. This sweet ole’ girl is worth it, she has an infections smile and gentle, peaceful demeanor that all beings here at PEAK seem to enjoy.

128_0087Malnurishment was also a big issue. The vet exam showed here body score to be c a 1.5 on a 10 point scale – 5 being perfect, so not good at all. We have slowly worked her up to 10 cups of feed a day with hay cubes and beet pulp. With this, we are starting to see her fill-out a bit. She can be very particular about her food like other the older creatures here at PEAK (ie. Sally). She absolutely loves oranges!

The greatest area of improvement has been in the management of her pain. She gets a daily dose of an anti-inflammatory medication and we rub her legs down with liniment on days when we trim the hooves. It is much easier for her to get around and the shoulder popping has been reduced dramatically.

She can still be very cautious and shy – but we can give her a little rub on the neck and between her horns. She is warming up to her surroundings. And while she is shy, she is also very nosy, and is no push-over when it comes to the other goats! It gives us great joy to see Greta walking around (with great improvement), lounging in the sun, and enjoying her life with love and proper care!

128_0252Come and meet Greta and the other beautiful beings here at Uplands PEAK! Please consider a tax free donation today, to help with their care. Your support gives animals like Greta a second chance at love and life. Thank you!