Peace in Retirement

gretaGreta is our 11th rescue – we are so honored that she gets to spend her later years here with all the care she deserves! She came from a neglect case in Cincinnati, OH and due to the circumstances; there is not a lot of information. She was rescued by Speak Up for Horses out of Falmouth, KY with several horses, and they contacted us about providing Sanctuary for her. Greta’s previous care taker has very progressed

Alzheimer’s, and the animals had been neglected for some time. Fortunately, a neighbor finally reported the neglect of the animals, as their body conditions had greatly diminished. We held off on providing Greta with her name, as we had hoped to find out the name she had most of her life, but it isn’t possible with her previous caretaker’s condition.

119_0183The caring neighbor did report that Greta  had lived there for about 13yrs – which is pretty old for a goat. At some point, she was with other goats, but of late, she was a sole goat. She had definitely had babies and could have possible been used for her milk – but we aren’t sure.

Greta’s hooves were grossly overgrown, causing pain when she walks, in addition to her arthritis – her bones pop when she walks. We have done one trimming of her hooves, but due to their condition, it will be a slow process of small trims for many weeks. She is a very large girl but underweight and boney. We have started her on a senior feed, daily medication for her arthritis, and probiotics. We will be getting a full blood panel and nutritional profile this week as well, that will help us address specific nutritional needs.

This week she got a good antifungal bath, and we trimmed burrs out of her fur. She is settling in nicely and has started to become very vocal, especially when she hears the lid to the alfalfa cube can! She loves fresh vegetation that we gather and bring to her from the sanctuary grounds. Everyone is anxious to officially meet her. We anticipate her and Twiggy being friends. She will be in quarantine for another week or 2, while we await the results of her blood work.

121_0240 119_0137-300x169Please consider sponsoring Greta or donating towards her veterinarian care.
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