George today, gone tommorrow.

This is the story of George the goat who we rescued, but who only stayed a couple of days at PEAK before finding his forever home. George was abandoned due the a household change, very near the Sanctuary. He was spending his life on a short tether in a neighbor’s yard. PEAK was called one evening asking if we could pick up George, so he wouldn’t be taken to the local shelter. Of course, we went to get him immediately. He was super friendly!


He is pygmy goat about 2 years old. He is extremely friendly and very interested in everything you are doing. George was very curious about the other goats, but was kept separate during his stay, since he still awaited the green light from the vet.

When calling to schedule George for his checkup, vaccinations, and castration, the vet asked, “what do you do with these goat”?. We explained he would live out his life at the sanctuary, that is when he mentioned he was asking because he was looking to adopt a goat.  Given that this is a trusted vet who we have worked with since starting the Sanctuary; And he assured us that he would just live with 2 other goats on five acres, eating until his heart was content, we gladly adopted out George. George got great forever home and we will be able to rescue another animal in need!

When we dropped George off he immediately bonded with the vet, nuzzling him, and becoming very upset when he had to wait for the vet to go around and unlock the barn doors. At last report, George had pretty much taken over the place, taking leadership over the other two goats, and making sure he got to eat first. George was a very sweet guy who has a great life ahead of him!

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