Uplands PEAK Sanctuary hereby makes an unwavering commitment to uphold the following core values to support our mission:


We are guided by the principle that all sentient beings have a natural and unalienable right to a life free from cruelty, abuse or neglect. PEAK strives to show compassion to all our visitors, guests and animal residents regardless of situation or background, with a hope this will foster connection and acceptance to a vegan lifestyle.


We maintain that Uplands PEAK Sanctuary be a place of healing, peace, and connection for all beings. We value the communion humans have with animals and with Earth, and foster that relationship.


We value a vegan lifestyle as a sacred commitment, and proclaim that all food and drinks on the premises of the Sanctuary be vegan, without exception. We recognize the suffering of farm animals and hereby reaffirm our mission of educating the community to the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and resolve that a vegan lifestyle is the only way to end the suffering of farmed animals permanently.


We value our Mother Earth, and make this commitment to practice diligent stewardship of our land, commit to using eco-friendly products, to build with sustainable energy and supplies as they are available and we are able.