***Camping is closed until further notice***
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why camp at PEAK?

  • You can spend quality time with our residents and wake up to their morning chorus
  • There are a Porta John and outdoor sink for campers
  • Experience the peaceful surroundings and starry sky
  • Electricity can be provided on some sites
  • There are two fire-pits
  • Choose from a more lit and open camp site or a more secluded, wooded spot

* No companion animals permitted due to the liability and potential stress for our animal residents.
* Due to our mission and a sacred commitment to our residents – There is no meat, dairy, eggs, or honey permitted on the Sanctuary grounds.

The Ultimate VEGAN Camping Guide

Camping as a vegan is fun and easy! With a little planning, your vegan camping trip can be even more fulfilling than a traditional one!

  • For longer trips, pack a separate cooler for perishables only and one for drinks.
  • Vegan marshmallows are much better than regular ones. They cook up better and don’t fall off of the stick as easy. They also have a better taste!
  • S’mores can be made the traditional way, just look for vegan graham crackers and chocolate. If you can’t find vegan graham crackers, all the goodies can be stuffed in an old fashion cone instead. Soft ginger snap cookies do the trick too!
  • There are many things that can be grilled over the open fire and you can pick up at Kroger. Several companies make non-meat hot dogs and sausages.
  • Kroger makes a non-meat burger (griller)  and sausage that goes holds up well on a grill. Just remember, these items don’t have animals fat, so they cook quickly.
  • Bisquick (its vegan!), and you can use almond, cashew, or soy milk.
  • Use a griddle to cook entire meals including veggie burgers, potato slices, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, corn.
  • Keep a separate container for recycling/compost.
  • Snacks like granola, energy bars, popcorn and fruit are excellent staples.
  • Coconut water, tea, coffee, orange juice and water

All you really need is food, water and protection from the elements. Here’s a more detailed list of items that can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Cooking/Cleaning Items

  • pot holders
  • dish towels
  • plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons (purchase a reusable set that you can take on every trip)
  • reusable water bottle and coffee mugs
  • cloth napkins
  • cutting board
  • dish soap
  • coffee pot, French press
  • pot/s + frying pan/s

Cooking Utensils

  • standard spatula
  • non-stick spatula
  • serving spoon
  • serving fork
  • peeler
  • can opener
  • cork screw
  • whisk
  • pealing knife
  • knife
  • measuring cups + spoons

Chuck Box Staples

  • spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, etc.
  • olive/cooking oil
  • coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • flour

Camp Devices

  • canvas patch kit
  • candle
  • matches, lighter, kindling
  • flash light
  • batteries
  • towels (reusable not paper)
  • toilet paper
  • sandwich, trash, and food storage bags Personal Items
  • tooth brushes/tooth paste
  • hand soap
  • comb/hair brush
  • vitamins and/or medicines
  • deodorant
  • razor
  • hand lotion
  • sun block
  • natural/nontoxic insect repellent (research making your own using essential oils)

First Aid Kit

  • pain reliever
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • ointment
  • eye drops
  • bandages (checkout these eco-friendly versions)
  • gauze
  • adhesive tape
  • tweezers
  • fingernail file
  • nail clippers

Other Camping Gear

  • camp stove
  • propane (if needed)
  • lantern
  • propane tree/hose
  • cooking grate
  • shovel
  • tent with rain cover
  • sleeping bags
  • blankets
  • padding/mattress
  • chairs
  • tarp
  • rope/bungee cords
  • day pack
  • personal bags
  • water, water, water!
  • Realize that food is the main, if not the only thing, that attract critters like skunks, raccoons and many insects, so keep food spills cleaned up and open boxes and canisters stored in plastic totes or the ice chest.
  • A burning fire is a natural bug deterrent, so if you’ll be by the campsite most of the day, keep a small fire smoldering.
  • Do not use a light while entering or exiting your tent and keep it closed unless you are getting in or out of it. (This will at least keep you bug free while sleeping.)
  • Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it.
  • Take all trash with you and put compost materials in a separate container, such as a coffee can.
  • Keep the fire contained to the fire pit.
  • Observe the animals but don’t interfere. You’re a guest in their house.

Uplands PEAK permits the lawful consumption of alcohol in designated camping areas. For the safety of all guests and animal residents, alcohol is not allowed in or around any of the barns or animal pastures at any time.

Out of respect for our rescued farm animal residents, as well as the mission of our organization, we ask that you refrain from consuming any animal products while visiting Uplands PEAK.