Become a “PEAK Pal”: Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly sponsorship is a great way to play a role in the life of a rescued farmed animal and support PEAK’s work! As a “PEAK PAL”, you’ll help cover the daily care costs like feed, bedding, on-going medications, and preventative veterinarian care (yearly shots, fecal exams, etc.) for one of our residents. Even better, you will foster a special bond with your animal pal.

Please Review FAQ regarding animal sponsorship below.

As a “PEAK Pal” you’ll receive:

  • A beautiful packet including a picture of your sponsee
  • Certificate with a little info about the resident’s history and varied personality traits
  • A one-year KINSHIP membership to the Sanctuary
  • A PEAK magnet (perfect for your car, fridge or you know… places you put magnets)
  • VIP visitation with your special animal pal by appointment during the year
  • Free tours during visiting season May – October for members of your household
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Eligibility to reserve an eco-friendly cabin
  • A promo code good for anything in the PEAK store


Animal sponsorship is a way for PEAK supporters to directly contribute to the care of our resident animals. By giving a monetary donation through our secure payment system, sponsors pay for a portion of our residents food, bedding and medical costs. A “PEAK PAL” develops a lasting and meaningful friendship with their chosen animal.

Yes! If you have a specific animal in mind, just choose the appropriate drop down menu. If you don’t have a particular animal pal in mind, there is also the option to let us choose for you.

Yes! When you set up your on-line payment, or mail a check, simply indicate that it’s a gift and include the gift recipient’s contact information and your personal message. We will also need to know where to send our “PEAK PAL” – monthly sponsorship package. Shortly before the sponsorship is due to expire, we’ll contact you to see if you’d like to continue it in the gift recipient’s honor.

Sponsorship’s vary by animals species: Chicken $20/month, Turkey $25/month, Goat $40/month, Pig $50/month, and Cows $60/month. You can choose to set up recurring payments (minimum 12 month commitment) or make a one time annual payment. Payments can be made online, or by mail using check.

Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution; however, we ask for a minimum commitment of one year.

Yes. You will receive a document for tax purposes, in January. Please contact your tax adviser with any questions.

People sponsor animals for a variety of reasons. Some want to reconnect with a particular species for whom they have fond childhood memories, others bond with an animal through a PEAK visit, and some people want an animal in their lives but don’t can’t have one in their homes. For all, sponsorship is a meaningful way of connecting with our mission and providing the on-going support we really need.

Yes! We encourage you to visit your animal during the year with advanced notice, contingent on staff availability. Kindly give us at least 72 hours advance notice for visits.

An animal may have more than one sponsor. However, all sponsorship funds are used for the care of PEAK residents.

In the heart-breaking instance that your animal pal passes away, we’ll notify you, invite you to continue your sponsorship, and help you choose another special friend or allow us to assign you a new one.

Please feel free to email co-founder Mark Pruitt, or call at 812-896-2114 between 10 am and 3 pm EST.

Uplands Peak is the only farmed animal sanctuary in Indiana and one of the few in the “middle” portion of the country. We are located in the middle of animal agriculture where support for farmed animals is needed most. You can review our financial statements on our website, as we are completely transparent, and have a Silver honor at IRS information is also available at GuideStar.