About Us

Our Mission:

To rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected farmed animals, educate the public to the benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle, and promote sustainability.

PEAK was founded in 2012 and opened it’s barn doors in October 2013 to our first residents, Andy and Annie, two brave piglets who escaped a backyard butcher and ran for their lives. Located in Salem, Indiana, Uplands PEAK is smack-dab in the thick of animal agriculture – there is a chicken factory farm less than a mile from the Sanctuary! The founders, Mark and Michelle believe this is where sanctuary is needed more than anywhere. It is their belief that given the opportunity to experience the sentience of farmed animals, people will be changed, thus rippling those changes out into the world.

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary is 20-acres of refuge for animals and people. About 15 acres of the property is wooded with trails to hike, places to sit and be still, and a labyrinth to walk.  In our short time of being in operation, we have fenced more than 4 acres of pasture, gutted and built stalls in the pole barn, built a large chicken coop, and built a pig shelter. Additionally, we have opened a B&B room for our members to access, and purchased a travel trailer to offer housing for up to three interns. Even more, our visiting program kicked-off in June 2014, where we offer educational tours to meet our rescued residents and introduce people to the realities of animal agriculture.

The Sanctuary was able to add a solar array and panels to our barn in the Fall of 2015, thanks to The Pollination Project, Whole Suns Design, and The Binky Foundation.  It is our goal to continue to add to our solar capabilities and achieve as much self sustainability as possible as we move forward.



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